Eating Good Food for Keeping Your Health


It’s been some years now since the nutritionists have started a campaign where they try to teach everyone what to eat and what not to eat. However, the secret to a successful diet is not to follow someone’s general advice.

If you’ve got a weight problem or you simply want to learn what to eat to keep yourself fit and healthy, here are some tips about these things.


Everyone knows that you should eat vegetables. The doctors say so, the nutritionists say so and everyone else says so, but here is why you should do it: each vegetable is rich in a certain substance that your body can use for a better functioning.

This being said, it’s good if you could eat at least one Heart Healthsalad each day and try to mix different vegetables there. Some people have a certain preference, so if you really like something, you can use that in any of your salads.

For example, you can take one small onion, two or three tomatoes, one bell pepper or capsicum, one cucumber and even something green, like parsley. Cut them in small pieces; add some oil and some salt and your dish is ready.

If you want to keep a weight loss diet, this is a perfect meal to have at least once a day. You can add some cheese next to it and you can eat it without bread or anything else.


The smoothies are both a dessert and a dish, depending on how you regard them. If you want to detoxify your organism, you can use them at least one a day to replace a meal. If you simply wish for something sweet, this is also a good choice, because these are as natural as you can have them.

health (1)Use the fruits that you want, in a combination of two or three, add some honey, add some water and place them all in the blender. You can also make a smoothie out of a combination of vegetables and fruits, as there are plenty of good recipes in the online environment that you can choose from.

For the detoxifying diet, it’s recommended that you don’t replace all your meals with smoothies. You can make a smoothie and replace the breakfast, as this will give you energy for the day that begins, but don’t replace all the meals, because your body can’t sustain this.

You can increase the number of smoothies after a few days and go up to two meals replaced – this means that you can increase this number after a few days of using only one smoothie per day. If you see that you are tired or that your body doesn’t respond well to this, you need to reduce the number to one again.Blog-11Jan11-Cholesterol

Something else that you have to take into consideration – the reverse process should be done the same – after you have reached the day when you’ve replaced all your meals with smoothies, don’t go back to eating the regular food right away. Reduce again the number of smoothies and insert other meals so that your body can get used to this.

Don’t keep this diet for more than 10 days – it’s not a good thing to become a total vegetarian, as studies have shown that people who don’t eat anything else but vegetables and greeneries are more predisposed to developing certain types of cancers.

Combining Food with Physical Exercising

Whenever you want to live healthier, it’s not enough to eat healthy. You also need to make some physical exercises, to keep yourself active and fit. Any kind ofstamp_health physical exercises will help you avoid leading a sedentary life – this is the danger of today’s generation, and most of the people have forgotten how important it is to keep moving.

Combine your diet with a sportive activity and you will definitely see more results in a shorter period of time.